Nehbandan, the Long Lasting town

Nehbandan, the Long Lasting town
The town of Nehbandan is 41,102 kms square is most southern part of Southern Khorasan. The town of Nehbandan, from the natural situation and is next to the desert near a big plain. To the north of this town there are mountains, which are 2,500 m high, the Red Mountain (Kooh-Sorkh), Bid-Meshk Mountain (Kooh-Bidmeshk, King Mountain (Shah-Kooh) are some of the mountains. The population of this township in a census in 1390 was 57,258 persons.
From the last researches, the history of this township was from the fourth and fifth century after Hejrat.The famous levels of this period is from the Ashkani and Sasani period.From historical research it used the Neh or Niyeh for this town and from and from the seventh century it used the name which came from two names and called it Nehbandan.The monuments and historic resources, Nehbandan the major city on the eastern edge of the Loot desert in the period before Islam. Hamdo-lelah-Mostofi in Nozhatolgholoob writes:-"Neh is the third climate of Ardashir Babakan which he built".From the early centuries in the late tenth century AD Nehbandan was the state capital and a fort, castle and army Valiani was confirmed by the Molouk not to handle it.From the eleventh century onwards gradually the power of the Alam family the Neh, Khavanin was getting Nayebol-hokoomeh. From the geographic many years ago Neh was a part of Khorasan and before that was part of the county of Sistan.

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