Khoosf, the Land Amaryllis Flowers

Khoosf, the Land Amaryllis Flowers
The town of Khoosf is 36 kms to the west of Birjand and borders the desert.The city at 38, 53, 46 and 32 north latitude and longitude and altitude of 1290 meters above sea level. Khoosf to the North is next to the Birjand and Sarayan cities, to the south next to Nehbandan township and Kerman County, to the west next to the Tabbas and Sarayan Townships, and to the east next to Nehbandan and Sarbisheh townships.
Due to the historic inscriptions near the Cale Jangal Khoosf and pre-Islamic sites, showing the history of this city at this time. In the Islam period, the first time Jeyhani in Ashkal-al Alam from Khoosf said and wrote: - "There is a small town and in that town it has many gardens andAgriculture and has many buildings and lots of water". Hamdolelah-Mostofi was the first person who wrote the name Khoosf in the Nozhat-ol-Gholoob in 740 after Hejrat, and about it he said: - "Khoosf is a small town with some dependencies and had water from a river for villages and everything can grow there". Hafez-Abroo wrote about how many villages and farms there are, and the area of Khoosf town had 20 villages and 100 farms which are on one side of the desert border, and on the other side of desert is Kerman. That desert is the Loot desert and in the summer one cannot go there, because there is no water to be found. Khoosf the historical context of the Safavi, later formed the background of architecture in the city. Most of the current architecture is from the Safavi and Qajar period.

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