Ghayenat, The Red Gold Land

Ghayenat, The Red Gold Land
The town of Ghayenat is named the Sun Land and the Golden Red Land, which is in east of Iran and north of Southern Khorasan County is between 15 and 33 to 12and 34, 38 and 56 latitude and to 56 and 60 longitude. This City is next to Khaf and Gonabad in Khorasan Razavi from the north , to the west to Sarayan, to the south to Birjand and to the east to Zirkooh. The height above sea level of this area is 1,440 metres and the the area is 17722 km square.
The records of Archeologists show the existence in Khoonic Cave is from 30 to 35 thousand years B.C. Khoonic Cave is 18 kms from South of Ghayenat. Some of the records show Ghayen town is an old and historical town, because they say the age of this town is before Islam. Ghayen was the biggest town of Ghohestan in the Islamic period, because it was between the important economic roads of Sistan and Kerman and the beach of Oman Sea (to Sang-Bast), commercial and economy in Ghayenat was very important in the 4th century of Hejrat, and then it was called (Darvazeh Oman, Bar-andz Kerman, Anbar Khorasan) Moghaddassi. This township, in the Islamic period had a rampart with different gates and an all round ditch, which some of the ditches can still be seen, Kohan Dej was inside the rampart and the mosque and Dar-Ol- Hokoomeh was inside the Kohan Dej.

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