Ferdows, the Red Ruby Land

Ferdows, the Red Ruby Land
The Town of Ferdows is the center of the Ferdows Township which is to the north of Southern Khorasan County, its 1,275 meter above sea level and 200 kms from the City of Birjand. This City is next to the Bejestan City of Khorasan Razavi County from the north, to the south and east with Sarayan City and to the west with Boshrouyeh town.
From research, the age of this town is from four and five thousands year ago. Toon Town in the Islamic period was one of Ghohestan towns, which looks like a town with an old fort, Sharestan, Corral and Rampart. The Mosque and Kooshk are very older works of the Toon town. Kooshk mosque with brick building has an inscription from 554(Hejrat) which is one of the most ancient inscriptions of this historical Toon town. The first historical book which has name of the Toon in it, is (Ashkal-ol-Alam) Jeyhani which is from 400 Hejrat and it says Toon is one of the area of Ghohestan. It is certain that Toon was one of the important places from the beginning of Islam and has special economic and social situations. This town in 1308(Shamsi) with the governments order, changed its name to Ferdows from Toon. Toon town (Ferdows) was very badly damaged in 1347 by an earthquake but some of the works of this historical town remain.

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