Darmiyan, the land of the Historical Forts

Darmiyan, the land of the Historical Forts
The Darmiyan town is to the east of Southern Khorasan County, to the north is next to Ghayenat, to the south of Sarbisheh Township, and to the east is Afghanistan. This county is 5,861 kms square and has three areas and six villages. The center of this township is Asadiyeh, which is 100 kms from the east of Birjand city and the Position is 32 degrees 54 minutes 49 seconds north latitude and 60 degrees 01 minutes 45 seconds east longitude.
Darmiyan town is a very wealthy town of Northern Khorasan, because it has many historical and cultural works. The hills and historical yards in this area, the Ismaili Castle, Windmills, and Mosques and …. Show the largest record of civilization. The Tabass town Massina areas are 30 kms from the east of Asadiye town (Assad Abad) which is very historical in archeology. Many mountain areas helped the Ismaili religion came there and they built many Castles in this town and other towns of Northern Khorasan to be safe. The Razeh is one of the oldest sites about mefragh and Historical periods in this town. The Kal Hassan Sabbah's fort is biggest fort in township and is the center of Ismailis period in Saljuqies period and called Momen Abad fort

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