(Boshrooye, The town of Char Safehs (Four Rows

(Boshrooye, The town of Char Safehs (Four Rows
The Boshrooyeh Township is 300 km far from the center of the county and has two parks which are named Arsak and central. This town is positioned 53.33 degrees north and 57.25 degrees east, the South East and North West province is located on the edge of the desert. Due to the geographical location, the city's climate is hot and arid. This town is from the west and south is next to Tabbas City, from the east next to the Ferdows township and from the north is next to Khorasan Razavi and according to the 1390 census, the population of the township is 24,640 people.

Having historical hills from many years ago and some works from the Sassani period like, Dokhtar Castle or Ternav Bridge in this town, it shows this area is very old. The Ragheh town in from the first period of Islam, and was one of the places with the very famous tourists, Naser Khosro Ghobadiani came here and he wrote about the mosque which was there. But maybe Boshrooyeh was created at the end of the Ilkhani period and with travelling of the people from far and near, the area became the Galleh-Hoz, and it became a town in the Teymori period. The oldest book of Boshruyeh named geoghraphy of HaffezeAbroo in the Timurid period and the ninth century AH. The historical Boshrooye town, has four precinct’s which are named:- Miyan-Deh, Moghri, Sar-Pol and Down town. About the situations, years ago the roads of Yazd and Isfehan lead to the heart, passed from Boshrooyeh, because in this town we have many Caravan Inns. TheBoshrooyeh is famaous to Char Safeh, because there are numerous houses in four rows and Ventilations in one direction.

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