Introduction and Performance of Tourism, Investment and Financing

Introducing the Highest Authority

Deputy of Tourism, Investment and Financing: Mr. Morteza Arabi

Department of Tourism

Direct phone no: 056-32341367….056-32341325

E-mail address:

Introduced to the Personnel and their positions

-Mr. Saeid Abdollahi: - Staff expert and acting Deputy Executive for Travel Services in Tourism, Ecotourism Committee responsible for higher observation and coverage of all tourism.

-Mr. Amir Hussein Rajab Panah: - Expert of Catering Units between destinations, Restaurants Traditional Tourism Committee, Sport and Religious in the county, looking at all the excellent tourist facilities.

- -Mrs. Hamideh Ebrahimzadeh: - Expert for Travel Agencies in the County, Tourism Training Expert, Advisory Committee (excellent observer of all tourist facilities).

- -Mrs. Aliyeh Ariyabod: - Expert on Statistics and Tourism Information, Deputy Expert of Tourism Legal Affairs, and responsible for complaints of tourism facilities.

- -Mrs. Farzaneh Dayani: - Expert for the Health Tourism Committee, the County Tourism Committee (Technical Committee, Investment and….), The Executive Committee of Travel Services in the county. The tracking system and credit facilities and Employment Assistance and Monitoring System, Health Tourism Committee, Complaints responsible of tourism facilities, Investment Committee, Training and Research Assistance.

The Duties of the Department of Tourism

-Policy, planning, coordination, determined in accordance with the policies and priorities of development programs of the county.

-Study and research to improve, develop and promote the industry of domestic and foreign tourism.

-Review and notification standards, rules, regulations and policies governing the establishment, management, development and dissolution of lodgings, Hotels, guesthouses, entertainment complexes, offices, community centers and other service companies, and travel and tourism related activities.

-Policy and guidance activities for communication with other countries, especially in Islamic countries.

-Plan to attract foreign tourists, facilities and obstacles, providing information and utilities necessary for the Embassies in cooperation with the relevant units.

-Necessary coordination with relevant agencies and institutions to provide security, tours and provide other services to foreign tourists during their stay.

-Review of plans and strategies to encourage the development of domestic tourism and visitor amenities and attractions of tourism and pilgrimage of the county.

-Coordination and communication, exchanges with organizations, agencies, institutions and other organizations in the country to introduce, inform, and develop domestic tourism.

-Planning to build a facility for tours and specialized areas (sports, health, science, etc.

-Planning methods and mechanisms for identifying target markets and the promotion of domestic tourism industry and foreign sources of income.

-Policy support, guidance and supervision of institutions, organizations and individuals and entities to develop and improve the quality and quantity of tourism services.

-Control and enforce regulations necessary for the issuance of permits and the Administration and Management and delivery of services by residential complexes and entertainment centers, offices and travel services.

-Bases and databases on the conditions, standards and specifications for Residential Centers and Entertainment, Travel Agencies and Services, Currency Exchange, Natural and Historical attractions and Museums.

Group's Investment and Financing

Direct phone: 056- 32341367

E-mail address:

Introduction of the Personnel and their positions

-Mr. Hamid Reza Attariyan: - Expert in Investment Planning - Facilities - the areas of licensing and tourism facilities and successor, Deputy of Tourism

--Mr. Morteza Sourgi: - Expert in the Supervision of Construction Projects in the Cities of Sarbisheh, Nehbandan, Ghaen, Khoosf, Zirkooh, Darmiyan (adjusting development agreements Mapping and the handling of financial documents)

-Mr. Rouhollah Sedaghat Talebi: - Expert in the Supervision of Construction Projects in the Cities of Sarayan, Ferdows, Boshrooyeh, Tabass (regulating agreements, construction, mapping and addressing of financial documents)

Duties of the Investment and Financing of Group:

Tourism development is a part of social and cultural development in addition to income, employment and economic development and is important for this reason. In recent decades, governments were trying to be an important part of our national capital income with the supply of industry, because the income of the industry is very higher compared to the cost. To achieve these goals, the resources and tourism is one of the four pillars of the industry and can restore and rehabilitate them assisting us in achieving the desired objectives. The Government has a responsible policy that emphasizes sustainable development of the industry through the provision of infrastructure that provides the foundation for the development of the tourism industry.

Creating Tourism Areas-

Providing services and facilities in the village tourism areas for Passengers-

-Creating standard and appropriate accommodation and catering

According to Tourism with special interests (Ecotourism- Health Tourism, etc)-

Organizing Hydrotherapy Spas (Mineral Springs)-

Providing views of Monuments and Historic Buildings-

-Development plan for the activities of the organization and providing the necessary resources for their implementation

-Assessment of strategies in order to identify new sources of support and fundraising

-Checking the Laws and Regulations of Banking Systems and to make necessary recommendations to the appropriate banking facilities in order to, achieve the organization's objectives in the field of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts

-Necessary planning to remove problems and economic problems in the tourism section

-Study plans prepared by government departments and non-governmental departments in the field missions and authority organization from a technical perspective, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the issuance of agreements necessary for their implementation

-Checking the implementation of development projects and how to use all the facilities vested in the running

-Study and proposal to develop the tourism areas in different areas of the country and checking the governance of the areas

-Providing the necessary platform to develop tourism infrastructure and services, cultural, and welfare in the tourism areas

-Allocation of credit facilities and the provision of credit facilities of the Export Guarantee Fund, Foreign Exchange Reserves, Foreign and Domestic Banks, buyback and other relevant resources for the development of tourism activities

-Absorption of internal and external resources and investment to develop tourism projects

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