Introduction and Performance of public relations

Introduction to the Highest Authority
· Mr. Seyed Hadi Anvari - Head of Public Relations and Social - Cultural Department of Affairs
Phone Number: 056- 32341329

Personnel and their Status:
· Mr. Hamid Ali Abadi : Responsible for Rituals, Festivals, Exhibitions and Publications
· Mrs. Robab Moshtaghi : Responsible for the Special Library of
· Mrs. Somayeh Mohammadi : Public Relations expert in charge of News and Reports
· Mrs. Zahra Jalayeri : Responsible for Digital Archiving and Administration Dept.
· Mrs. Afsaneh Erfanian :Responsible for Information and Translations
· Miss. Faranak Pouyan: Librarian

The role of Public Relations:
· Public Relations are a bridge between the community and organization and have great roles like: Promotion for the client, mutual trust between people and authorities, orbital contact, to promote public awareness of government activities, seminars and interaction spaces and the role of public relations is management of information.

Organizational position of Public Relations:

· The special position of public relations are in the category of administrative tasks and part of management practices

The main functions of public relations
· Implementation of policies for informing the government
· Cooperation with mass media to reflect the appropriate performance of various sectors
· Response to the ambiguities and noticing the administration
· Preparation and implementation of promotional initiatives of the organization
· Implementation to the appropriate ceremonies and events
· Creating good relationships between staff and officials of the administration by holding internal meetings
· Monitoring publications and issues of the administration
· Public opinion polls and administration
· Management information based on electronic administration


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