Introduction and the Performance of the Department of Development and Management

Introduction and the Performance of the Department of Development and Management

Introducing the Highest Authority:

Department of Development, Management Administration of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of Southern Khorasan

Department of Development, Management: Mr. Ismaeil Mahmoudi

Phone contact: 056-32341328

Officials of the Management section:

Financial Controller: Mr. Mohammad Reza Khayat

Financial Department: Mr. Majid Jaffari

Office of Affairs and Welfare: Mr. Mahdi Sadeghi

Personnel: Mrs. Narmenji

Supplier: Mr. Ali Dadvarnejad

Property Trustee Office: Mr.Mohammad Sabzeh kar

Property Cultural Trustee: Mr.Gholam Hossein Shoaibi

Legal Affairs: Mr. Ghazanfari

Informatics: Mrs. Zanjiriyan

Education: Mr. Ehsan Dorostkar

Secretary: Mrs. Farhadpour


-Navigation, guidance and administrative reform program in order to achieve the required fields of the Rules and Regulations, Structure and Organization, Job procedures, Equipment and Training of human resources and to strengthen the structure and re-engineering process approach to user involvement in the framework of the regulations issued by the Central Organization.

- Planning, coordinating and supervising the preparation of the budget of the General Administration of collaboration with relevant units.

- Distribution and allocation of funds between the various units of the General Administration and monitoring of them.

- Planning, procurement and financial resources needed to develop a different location.

- Planning to provide statistics and information required for County and Base information.

- Monitoring the implementation of the evaluation system for training of staff, in order to continuously improve the training programs.

- Overseeing the establishment, implementation, and maintenance of statistical classification of products in different fields of Administration, in the framework of the approved and promulgated.

- Predicting the morale and welfare development and extracurricular activities such as Sports, Recreation, Tourism and Pilgrimage of staff and proposals to the central organization.

- Administrative supervision over the administration of the County in order to perform accurate and fast Tasks and Activities.

- Assessment of Administration Personnel Training Needs and to present the results to the Centre.

- Review and Planning on how to provide specialized and skilled manpower.

- Surveillance on all financial matters relating to the protection and compliance. Job Title: Bachelor of Management and Budget


- Gathering statistics and information on income and resources, material cost and payment of principles and schemes, projects and programs implemented.

- The study of the laws, regulations and budgeting system in Administration.

- The study of the laws and regulations of the public budget, budget law, and Fifth Development Plan and provision of funds.

- Studies, and identifying ways to increase revenues Administration.

- Estimates and forecasts of the funds in each fiscal year under the criteria set forth.

- Preparation of annual budget in accordance with the procedures specified programs, activities and events.

- Proposal to the annual budget and track and if necessary to approve the budget.

- Allocation of funds within the norms of the times specified in terms of liquidity and credit notification.

- Continually monitor the performance of the current budget and how to attract funds in connection with work in progress.

- Collection and classification approvals, plans and policy development in relation to the tasks and activities of the Office of the County.

-To review and obtain information on the methods, techniques, and techniques for monitoring, control and management of the project.

- Study reports on the progress of projects and programs in accordance with their goals.

- Special Report from development and implementation of programs and activities being implemented.

- Commenting on the allocation of funds according to the progress of projects and programs.

- Reports, Charts, Tables, and Draft Correspondence.

- Perform other matters referred.

Job Title: Expert Legal Affairs and Property


- Requests, complaints and other correspondence received from various units of the General Administration.

- Collection and analysis of data adjusted for comments and advisory opinions in response to questions from the departments or officials of legal issues.

- Preparation of the legal issues.

- Attend meetings, hearings and proceedings of statements or claims which have been refused to be accepted.

- Complaints received in the laws and regulations to answer the plaintiff or the referring agency.

- Preparing lawsuits against individuals and entities and prosecution of criminal cases in coordination with the central authorities.

- The presence of judicial and in response to lawsuits brought by natural or legal persons against the General Administration of the County.

- Preparation in response to a complaint, requests and notifications.

- Commenting on the Real Estate of Administration.

- Property vested renewal operations.

- Provision to be cumulative in a breakdown.

- Commenting on the conversion uses.

- Land acquisition and transfer of land needed for a given.

- Assess the ceded lands (over Charmikh).

- Disputes and errors of vested property.

- Expert opinion on the condition of the property.

- Property Marking and Coding.

- To take the necessary measures to arrest and remove the offending documents and mortgage bank transfer.

- Drafting correspondence with agencies and other bodies.

- Perform other matters referred.

Job Title: Bachelor of Administration


-Collecting the data needed for the Counties Office of Human Resources for quality in terms of gender, education, jobs and …

- Collect and provide data and information on management and organization, the organizational positions, employment rates and other indicators of administration and employment.

- Collection and classification rules, regulations, circulars and guidelines related to employment affairs, human resources, management and organizational structure, welfare and etc.

- Review, analysis and special reports required.

- Review, analysis and presentation of indicators relating to human resources Management Office and Administration.

- Review, analyze and comment on the administration projects such as job classification, job evaluation, salary, administration, evaluation facilities.

- Special plans for distribution facilities, establishment of cooperatives, supplemental insurance, and so on to a superior officer.

- To attend meetings of the case and explain strategies and plans submitted.

- Taking into account comments and suggestions on previous experience, training, allocation of organizational positions, etc.

- Jobs concession projects evaluated in the context of the relevant laws and regulations and submit to the Committees and Commissions.

- Study on innovations in human resource management, as well as technologies and the impact of technology on management.

Perform other related reference works.-

Job Title: Responsible for personnel


-Planning in time for the collection of documents and filing for recruitment.

- Monitoring data and information extracted from the records of the office of human resources and recruitment or computer systems in terms of data and indicators needed.

- Recording data, human resources and office computer systems.

- Provide employment laws such as the recruitment, appointment, promotion, removal from service, retirement, vacation, etc. According to the minutes of the Committee and within the compliance of the regulations.

- Implementing organizational systems and sentences according to authorities.

- Contribute to the implementation of the evaluation system for the classification of jobs, including service records.

- Operation of computer systems and to schedule for sentencing personnel supervisors.

- Logging of computer records as required in terms of indicators of service, qualifications, gender, post, employment, etc.

- Overseeing the drafting of correspondence.

- Overseeing the preparation of charts, tables, and forms required.

-Reporting to a superior officer.

-Perform other related reference works.

Job Title: Finance Expert


Study the rules and regulations of the annual budget, and financial regulation.-

- Check vouchers in compliance with laws and regulations.

- Control the cost documents in terms of budget.

- Inspect all documents based on calculations of the relevant standards and regulations.

- Check bank accounts, accounts of debtors, creditors, contractors, banks, deposits and bank guarantee.

- Check financial books, financial systems and financial operations.

- Check Receipts and Payments are in compliance with laws and regulations.

- Review of financial contracts in compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

- Specialized reporting of liquidity in the periodic form.

- Separate reporting of income sources.

- Action level in the preparation and presentation of financial performance prepared summaries of monthly accounts and final account summary.

- Tasks related to the bidding and auction in compliance with laws and regulations.

Perform other related reference works.-

Job Title: Accountant


- Get documentation and accessories of cost.

- Check the documentation for the costs of compliance with laws and regulations relevant.

- Info and credits recorded in the books of computer systems and the preparation of computational form.

- Accounting operations and maintenance accounts at the offices.

- Monitoring, control and regulation of bank accounts.

- Control of bank accounts and resolve potential paradox.

- Providing balance sheets and financial balance periodically as needed.

- Issuing cheques and delivery of the relevant criteria for the receipt.

- Calculate and determine the amount payable fees, taxes, revocation and deductions, prepayments, legal provision and others like them.

- The return address, and control of the accounts and the payment of credit.

- Receiving documents, Cheques, and financial support in the form of deposits and delivery obligations.

- Record and maintain accounts on the basis of conventional financial systems and compliance with the relevant instructions.

- Study and obtaining financial regulation and accuracy in their correct implementation.

-Perform other related reference works.

Job Title: Accountant and Trustee of Property


- Receive and review financial documents and control them.

- Calculation and control of data for documented items.

- Recording functions in books or computer systems according to the relevant authorities.

- Handling and control of the accounts and financial offices, according to authorities.

- Get Assets Documents.

- Filing of records and to maintain records according to established procedures.

- Install the label product and specifications.

- Preparation of forms and tables relating to property and goods delivery and receipt, if necessary.

- Property inventory records in offices or computers.

-Reports of worn and outdated properties and to visit them and prepare the required reports.

- To remove the old and outdated property, and abortion, according to officials from the Office of Financial System.

Perform other related reference works.-

Job Title: Head Secretary


- Control of registration and issuing procedures and outgoing correspondence, office and computer systems.

- Separation and classification of documents.

- Maintenance and archival records, documents, correspondence, determined according to the method

- To guide operators in the proper use of equipment.

- Application of Tools, Equipment, and secretarial supplies.

- Deficiencies reported defects or failures of computer systems for timely disposal.

-To control and direct the staff to prepare a periodic backup.

- Control and guidance of officials count ballots in archive files, send and track their return.

-Perform other related reference works.

Job Title: IT Specialist


- An understanding of the methodology used in the study of systems.

- Using the methodology specified in all phases of the work.

- Defining the objectives of the proposed new system to improve the efficiency of existing systems and provide full details regarding the inputs, outputs and files.

- Design and preparation of the operational workflow system.

- Information needs to related units and classify them according to requests received.

- Design and creation of the database structure.

- Maintenance and updating of data, input files and output tables, and changes to documents and texts.

- Introduction to database of management software.

- Software test basis in order to ensure the efficiency of function.

- Preparation of programs needed to comply with the rules of programming.

- Selection and installation of software required.

- Installation, maintenance, support and troubleshooting of computer hardware and peripherals.

- Perform other related reference works.

Job Title: Head of Procurement and Services


-Planning and logistical needs in terms of quality and quantity.

- Check identifying and obtaining information from a reliable supplier of equipment and materials needed in stores.

- Knowledge of the rules and regulations of financial, business and government and non-government procurement in the purchase, sale and supply of goods, supplies and equipment.

- Data centers and firms selling goods and equipment, and details of the specifications of quality products and products intended.

- Taking the needs of different areas for products, goods, equipment and materials.

-Action for purchases, orders, customs, clearance and equipment if necessary.

- Monitoring compliance with the rules and regulations of local purchases through public tenders.

- Cooperation and action in a prepared statement, instructions, and correspondence.

Perform other related reference works.-

Job Title: Supplier


- Getting the job of the relevant authorities.

- Request and receive funds from the relevant authorities.

- Necessary action to call for pricing in centers and enterprises related.

- Call for pricing reports made to the authorities of shopping centers offering free samples, documentation and the necessary factors.

- Action for procurement, goods, materials, equipment and standards set by the opinion of the relevant authorities.

- Procedure for clearance of goods from the customs authorities, if necessary, in accordance with the plans and relevant authorities' opinion.

- Items matching return of the products specifications, sampling the goods, if necessary, to send them to the lab.

- Report if the goods have defects on discharge.

- Delivery, receipt and storage of goods and materials provided.

- Preparation of financial documents and records of the office or computer.

- Filing and archiving of procurement documents.

- Petty cash deposited into the account after payment and settlement.

- Perform other related reference works.


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