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Flag Parade (AlamGardani) is a mourning ceremony in county of Southern Khorasan. Many years ago when important persons died and later formed beliefs of the Islamic religion, the colour and shape of religious traditions were implemented as one of the mourning methods during the month of Muharram.. In this event some of the persons who keep the flags known as Alam chi, and holy leaders on the funeral procession carry the flags to the people’s houses and make offerings.

The Director General of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of Southern Khorasan informed the plan to prepare Lut Desert for registration on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Assistant of Handicrafts for Southern Khorasan informed the offering of Handicraft Products of the County in standard packs with dignity.

The Alam is the most important tool in the implementation in the Muharram mourning ceremonies. In each part of the county to sign the name of each of the Alams for Imam Hussein (AS) and his companions and each of the alams is the symbol of each person.

The Second International Troglodytic Architecture Conference was held by the Institute of Cultural Heritage of the Country, with foreign and local scholars in the Islamic Art Treasures Hall on the 7th to 8th October, 2015.

The Director General of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of the County of Southern Khorasan, informed the holding of Rally and Safari Tours for foreign tourists in this county and said this is an opportunity to introduce the unique capacity of tourism of the county.

The first Desert Trekking Festival was held in the Hemmat Abad Desert by girl students of Southern Khorasan in cooperation with the SID (Jihad of University), Minab Seir-e Shargh Corporation and the Cultural Heritage Agency of Zirkouh.

For the occasion of the Day of World Tourism and Tourism Week had a tour by the Del-Aram Safar Office of Travel and Tourism was jointly held in cooperation with the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of the Town of Ferdows.

On the 8th October, the "Day of the Child, Art and Cultural Heritage" the embracing of children in the Akbariyeh Garden and Building in the City of Birjand takes place.

The Deputy for Parliament, Legal and Provincial of the Cultural Heritage Organization of the Country, Mr. Darvish Amiri, who visited Southern Khorasan for the second time on Saturday evening in a Press Conference said:
“Strengthening Tourism is to underline the Creation of Businesses and the Production of National Wealth and not only as a threat, is it not only an opportunity but a necessity”.

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