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Mr. Hartmut Niemann, the Author of the book ‘The Encyclopedia of Iranian Tourism’ with his son Samad Niemann and the Tour Leader from Germany visited the field of Saffron in Ghaenat and they were familiar on how to plant and harvest the Saffron.

In the first six months of this year, the artists of Southern Khorasan were approved in 9 exhibitions and they introduced and presented Handicrafts of the County.

The joint team of Archeological Excavators from Iran and Italy visited the Chalo area of Jajarm of Northern Khorasan and the Prehistoric areas of Southern Khorasan.

The Martin (Merrikhi) Mountains of Nehbandan have been registered on the National Natural Heritage List with the Number 261 on the 4th October, 2015.

Two representatives of the International Organization UNESCO (IUCN) International Union for Conservation of Nature, where one of them is a formally from New Zealand and one from Tunisia, for field work and expert in order to register the Lut Desert on the World Record List they have enter to the Desert Dehsalm Desert in Nehbandan.

The Head of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of Tabas informed that the 14 Eco-Tourism residencies will be launched in the Town of Tabas.

The Sang Zani in the Ghohestan area in the County of Southern Khorasan is one of the mourning ceremonies in the month of Moharram.

The Completion of The Desert Hotel in Birjand

Dr. Ibrahim Buy Salami the Special Representative of the President in the Supreme Council of Cultural Heritage and Tourism of the Country and Executive Manager of Welfare Holdings and Social Security Tourism Company when visiting the unfinished project of the Desert Hotel in Birjand, promised the completion and operation of this hotel.

The second group of European Rally Tourists in Iran and the first in Southern Khorasan, before noon on Tuesday entered the Lut Desert of Dehsalm and all the inhabitants of the village were there and gave them a warm welcome.

Shovel or Spade Ceremony (Bill Zani) is the only event in the month of Muharram which is not held in every township. This ceremony is held only in Khoosf at noon of the day of Ashoura.

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