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The Restoration is to Begin on the Façade of the Entrance to the Akbarieh Garden

In order to restore the original value of World Heritage of the Akbariyeh Garden, the façade at the entrance is to be restored based on historical evidences.

From a report from the Public Relations Department of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Administration of Southern Khorasan, the Office Manager of the World Heritage of the Akbariyeh Garden said: “The façade of the Entrance from many years ago, from construction until now has had several repairs which used poor materials that caused damage which has distorted its elegance”.
Mr. Janati added: “Repairing this part consists of, peeling off the cement, plaster and paint from the fractures of the façade of the entrance, to repair damaged areas, grouting the fractures of bricks, restoration of the official formal arch entrance, restoring the view of the roof and to chalk up the body and the façade of the entrance with traditional and local materials which will take 30 days to complete”.
He announced the credit intended for the undergoing of this project is 60,000,000 Rials which will be paid from the 2015 fund of the World Heritage of the Akbariyeh Garden.

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