The Sange Sourakh Mountain

This mountain is known more for the cause of a huge hole because of erosion caused by water in the limestone mountain and it has a diameter of approximately 20 meters.

This hole is located on the mountain. The pedestrians who cross the path from the Village of Polvand or want to travel to the Rig-e-Use, they clearly can see this hole because there is about 500 meters from the roadside. In the vicinity of these heights sandy dunes can be seen that are very impressive for tourists and it is the perfect place for desert sports like four-wheeled vehciles.

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Additional Info

  • The Name of Attraction: The Sange Sourakh Mountain
  • Type of Attraction: Geological
  • township: Ferdows
  • Best Time for travel: Spring, Fall
  • Type of road: Earthen
  • Distance to city center: 35
  • Distance to center of township: 35
  • Distance to center of province: 215
  • Distance to nearest railway station: 100
  • Distance to nearest Airport: 215
  • Address: Near the Villages of Ebrahim Abad and Taher Abad and near to Khor Chelated.
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