The Mohammad Abad Dagh (Three Forts)

The Mohammad Abad Dagh (Three Forts) is located within the area of the salt desert and has a warm and dry climate with cold winters.

The temperature of 48° C in the hottest month of August and the in the coldest month of January is 4 ° C and the daily temperatures of the year varies between -16 °C to 44 °C. Zero rainfall is in September and in March a maximum of 33 mm is the average and the annual rainfall is 173 mm and relative humidity was reported at 45.6% during this climate. The Mohammad Abad Dagh due to the unique tourist attractions such as the desert and its dark sky, has an infrastructure development for Tourism and Astronomy in the country.
According to data compiled by the experts of the Astronomical Society of Iran in consecutive years, in the area of the Three Forts (Se Ghaleh) it is possible to see a magnitude of 7.2 stars, and considering the magnitude of the darkest parts of the planet of about 7.5, this place is one of the darkest and most crowded places of our planet. Also, according to investigations, the observatory Seh Ghaleh is a location for special observation of the sky from the index seeing, wind speed, height etc., which is located in an acceptable condition for the establishment of an object with a diameter of at least one meter telescopes, much larger than the telescopes used by amateur Astronomers.

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Additional Info

  • The Name of Attraction: The Mohammad Abad Dagh (Three Forts)
  • Type of Attraction: Geological
  • township: Sarayan
  • Best Time for travel: Spring, Fall
  • Type of road: Earthen
  • Infrastructures: Accommodation, Catering facilities
  • Distance to city center: 24
  • Distance to center of township: 24
  • Distance to center of province: 190
  • Distance to nearest railway station: 100
  • Distance to nearest Airport: 190
  • Address: 24 Km from Sarayan- South of Sarayan - Southern Khorasan
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