The historic city of Toon

At the beginning of the Islamic Age, the town of Toon was the famous area in Khorasan County. Toon was one of the very old towns in Great Khorasan, which was many years ago on the border of the Salt Desert and was one of the jutties between east and west of Iran.

Most historians and geographers such as Moghadasi, Hafez Abrou, Mostofi, Etemad-al-Saltaneh etc., are accepted to have described Toon, as a town and has the implications of a palace, fort, moat, canals, great mosques etc.
The geographer Moghadasi lived in fourth century and in his book, Ahsan-al-taghasim describes Toon as one of the prosperous and popular towns.
In the seventh century A.H., (651 A.D.) with the invasion of Hulagu to the region, the town of Toon saw great damage and many people were killed in the fighting.
After that, the reconstruction of the city by its people, so that, in the Safavi era the great center of population from the index was considered to be Southern Khorasan.
In the early Safavi era, this city experienced a severe earthquake, which created great damage.
The historic city of Toon was in the past in five sections, named: Sardasht, Anbari, Sadat, Meydan and Talar, and the neighborhoods around the city were very fertile.
This city name in 1308 and with the decision of the members of the Academy of that time was changed to Ferdows.
In 1347, an earthquake occurred in the city, many buildings of the town were destroyed. Fortunately, monuments and historic houses of the neighborhood of Sardasht are evidence of the city's architectural past still remain, like: The Great Mosque, Oliya and Habibiyeh School, Kooshk Complex, the Historical Reservoir, Sardasht & Khirooz and Jahanyar Bathrooms.

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Additional Info

  • The Name of Attraction: The historic city of Toon
  • Type of Attraction: tourism area
  • township: Ferdows
  • Best Time for travel: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
  • Type of road: Asphalt
  • Infrastructures: Drink water, Electrical, Telephone, Cell phone, Coverage, River, Fountains
  • Distance to city center: 1
  • Distance to center of township: 1
  • Distance to center of province: 200
  • Distance to nearest railway station: 65
  • Distance to nearest Airport: 200
  • Longitude: 0
  • Latitude: 0
  • Above sea level: 0
  • Address: Southern Khorasan - ferdows - Southwest Ferdows
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