The Contexture and Palm Groves of Esfahak

The historical Village of Esfahak is located on the way to Deyhouk in Tabas in the County of South Khorasan. The contexture of the village is from clay and mud which was mainly used in the Safavid era and in 1978 the architecture patterns of the Safavid to the Pahlavi era especially pristine examples of architecture of two and four galleries was discovered. The most important features of the village are very good communication of architecture with the ground layout of a village. The other features of historical village of Esfahak consist of active handicrafts in the village, natural attractions around the village, located on the sidelines of the transit road from south to north.

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Additional Info

  • Type of Attraction: Village tourism target
  • township: Tabas
  • Best Time for travel: Fall
  • Type of road: Asphalt
  • Infrastructures: Accommodation
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