The Old Sycamore Tree of Doshangan

Doshangan (Doshingan) agricultural place at a distance of 21 km southwest of Asadiyeh and is located one kilometer to the west of upper Mohammad Abad Village.

In this place which is located near the main road, an Old, thick plane tree with a diameter of about 4 m and inside the trunk a large hole has appeared through decay can be seen, To the west of this location, subterranean water flows towards the tree which is in the valley slope and to the west of the tree, the water flows into a shallow pit creating a pond, and the shadow of this huge tree falls onto the water creating the very beautiful landscape. This old sycamore, according to experts, is about 700 to 750 years old, and is one of the most valuable old trees in country. It covers an area of about 512 square meters at the top. Registration is valuable for introduction to its phenomenon and more support could be provided.

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Additional Info

  • Name of Effect: The Old Sycamore Tree of Doshangan
  • Type of Effect: درختان کهنسال
  • Registration number in the National List: 108
  • Date of Reord: Wednesday, 09 February 2011
  • Township: Darmiyan
  • Longitude: 0
  • Latitude: 0
  • Above see level: 0
  • Address: Southern Khorasan - darmiyan - 21 km southwest of Asadiyeh
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