Natural Heritage

National natural heritage of Iran by the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization identification, registration and geographies, and include natural and certain areas of the country due to the special quality of physics and biology, geographical exquisite landscapes, natural sites - historical phenomena and valuable specimens of plants, animals and their habitats, and the conservation and sustainable use is determined.
It also emerged from it and what remains of geology and sites of human interchange with nature there, protected geographical areas, biological effects, and animal, etc. are also included. Mount Damavand first natural heritage and natural heritage Badab Surat second National Register of Iran.
Iran's natural heritage registration in line with Article 2 of the law's cultural heritage by the Persian date Dey 23 months of 1382, an ordinance was adopted by the Cabinet on 25 Persian date Dey 1386 law written and first recorded work (Damavand) in 13 Persian date Tir 1387 actually incorporated. So far, none of the natural heritage of world record yet.