The Quite Compatible (Taziyeh Khani)

Quite literally, in religious views, mourning and the memorial of dear ones in terms is a religious display. The Quite is called (Shabih Khani).The Quite or Shabih-khani in Birjand is like a show for the other townships to see where one of the events of Karbala Imam Hussein or to perform the other lives of Imams.

People like reading groups, opposing to the reader or agreeing with the reader’s pros and cons
Favoring the role of the Imam and his companions to those who are responsible and consistent opposition to those enemies of Imam Hussein said that they are running. Readers are like most of the indigenous people. Readers are similar, each with different clothes. Readers are opposed to dress in red and usually wear boots, coats and hats (Kolah Khoud) with a red colored handkerchief tied to their waist and the readers dress is green or black and the person who has the role of the Imam wears a green turban and cloak. The dress of Hazrat Abbass is green and usually wears a coat and scarf at the waist. His head is covered with his helmet (Kolah Khoud) and pads. Readers who like to play the role of women wear black dresses that are long to the back of the feet and with a black scarf (Charghad) wrapped around the head and the face is covered with a white cloth. The group is also responsible for the music, the drums and trumpets. However, it is quite a popular show from experience and training which has become what we see today, and it can be said that it is the only way to express mourning of the event of Karbala and it has a direct impact on the viewer.
The Quite Ceremony in Southern Khorasan with No. 27 has been registered on the list of Intangible Heritage.

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Additional Info

  • Title of Subject: The Quite Compatible (Taziyeh Khani)
  • Group of Subject: آیین و سنتی
  • Registration Number: 27
  • Geographic Situation: Southern Khorasan
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