The Sang Zani in the Ghohestan area in the County of Southern Khorasan is one of the mourning ceremonies in the month of Moharram. The Sang is 2 pieces of 8cm cylindrical wood which are joined together with cotton thread and are held on the back of the hand. The wood comes from the Jujube and Walnut trees.

This village has eight persons who hurl the stone, who have inherited it from their fathers, and after the death of the father the sons can be involved in grinding.On the fifth night of Muharram, along with the Board and the dirge song done by chest beating or chain slashing (sinehzani or as zanjirzani).Also sometimes they sing dirges separately.
The Sang Zani ceremony in Dorokhsh with No. 626 on 22.09.91 was registered in the list of Intangible Heritage of the Country.

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Additional Info

  • Title of Subject: Grinding
  • Group of Subject: آیین و سنتی
  • Registration Number: 626
  • Date of Reord: Wednesday, 12 December 2012
  • Geographic Situation: Darmiyan
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