The Skill of Making the Hawk Bell in Sarayan

(Record Number in the National Intellectual Heritage- 812)
One of the products of a Forge is making the hawk bell which is a custom and they consist of different bells for Shepherds and Animal keepers in various sizes which is in one or sometimes two bells, and are used on local animal’s necks, and for shepherd dogs.

The custom iron smith of the town of Sarayan is very famous in Iran, in making the little bells, which they are famous for on the county border and outside of the county. The iron smiths say the art of making the bell grew because of the animal keeper’s job and they think they needed these bells. To make one bell, it has 3 important aspects. The first aspect is the iron plate, which is placed into the furnace to heat it, and it is made ready to make the body of the bell. The second aspect is to put an arrow in the middle of the bell and the last aspect is testing the sound, which needs the special skill to make a bell. Welding the arrow in the middle of the bell, good quality and lovely sounds of bells needs special skills which the persons who make the bells in Sarayan have.

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Additional Info

  • Title of Subject: The Skill of Making the Hawk Bell in Sarayan
  • Group of Subject: فنون و صنایع
  • Registration Number: 812
  • Date of Reord: Wednesday, 23 January 2013
  • Geographic Situation: Sarayan
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