The Sadeh Celebration

The Sadeh Celebration in Do-Hesaran Village in the Sarayan Township runs from 28 January to early February and according to the local residents Ahman –Bahman are also run.

One of the ceremonies done at this time is making fires and in addition to igniting the fires and making a ring of fires held above their heads. Everyone in the village are happy and dance, and they celebrate with nuts and dried fruits that the people use for receptions like: - apricots, nuts and almonds and seeds.

In some areas they light the fire on the roof of the houses and they jump over it. Soiree includes a ceremony which is current on the night of Sadeh. Tribal relatives go to the homes of elders of the family and in the event, stories and legends of the ancient past are told to teenagers and young people. In addition to storytelling they read books like: - Hafiz, Mokhtar Nameh, wars of Hazrat Ali (AS), Roman Amir Arsalan and Shahnameh. People believed and believe that by holding this event and the lighting up of bonfires of Sadeh they will be have a good and blessed year.
On these days, children and adolescents go to the doors of houses and they recite poems in the local language. Homeowners give them nuts and sweets, as well as some flour and oil or money, so that they can prepare a soup meal from the collected materials and distribute later among the villagers.
This Ceremony with No. 808 on 23/01/2013 was recorded in the Intangible Heritage List of the Country

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