Six nights After Birth (Shab-e-Shesh Moloud)

The Ceremony of Six Nights After Birth with No 817 has been registered as a National Monument on 04/11/1391.

The Baby Naming Ceremony usually takes place on the sixth night after the birth and generally, parents name their baby, and the grandfather chooses it from the Quran. Sometimes they right some names on small pieces of paper and put them between the pages of the Holy Quran and then open the Quran and that name is given to the child.

In the evening relatives and elders collect together at the home of childs mother, and if the baby is a boy they put a knife on his swaddling clothes (Ghondagh) and if the baby is a girl, scissors or a needle and thread are put on the swaddling clothes. The child is put in red swaddling clothes or wrapped in a red cloth around the head and laid then on a large round tray (Gharbal). Locals believe that children should not be on the floor that evening. At the first grandfather or father takes the scissors or a knife out of child’s swaddling clothes and then the child is passed hand to hand around the gathering. A person who takes the baby from another person sitting next to them, saying “Give the baby, give the baby”, and the person who gives the baby says “Take the baby/take the baby” and then they sing songs.

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Additional Info

  • Title of Subject: Six nights After Birth (Shab-e-Shesh Moloud)
  • Group of Subject: آیین و سنتی
  • Registration Number: 817
  • Date of Reord: Wednesday, 23 January 2013
  • Geographic Situation: Birjand, Sarbisheh, Khusf
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