The Barat Ceremony in Southern Khorasan

The people of Southern Khorasan in the middle of the month of Shaban of every year from the 12th till 14th with the special religious ceremony called Barat remember their dearest who have died and give their vows for them to the people. The practice is so widespread that in the month of Sha'ban in this area it is called Barat.

You open a belief in the Resurrection in Southern Khorasan, and the people in this region with special functions are to be welcomed, this ceremony is held for three days and carried out with different titles and everyday people celebrate it with a particular group of Muslims. Barat for the Homeless, Barat for Prisoners, Barat for Travelers, and Barat for the Living and Barat for the Dead are the ones that are carried out for three days across the county and from these titles the Barat for the Dead are on 14th of Shaban, are held with a particular passion.
The baking of traditional bread types such as Roghan Joshi, Chalbaki, Komach, Sach etc., are distributed among the people, especially children, and this is the ceremony of the Barat days in the County of Southern Khorasan. On the 14th Shaban, which is known as Barat for the Dead, people attended over the graves of dead relatives, recite the “Fateheh” from the Quran and distribute sweets, chocolate, fruit and traditional breads in the memory of their dear ones who have died. On this day those people who have recently lost a dear one with carpet, charity, and the distribution of food, recite at the graveside to refresh memories of the past. Reciting the Quran and praying are gifts to regard dear ones and that is upon the soul of the deceased. With Number 809 on The National Monuments Index it was registered on 04.11.1391.

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  • Title of Subject: The Barat Ceremony in Southern Khorasan
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