What is the cultural heritage?
Cultural Heritage

Master Restoration of historic monuments and sites from University of Science and Technology of Iran
The heritage is from the base of (inherited) refers to anything that has come to us from the past and ancestors, of water and the property and the house and etc… the mood and physical aspects of their body that it is through inheritance from generation to generation.
Cultural heritage in Article 1 of the Law Statute of the Cultural Heritage Adopted in1367 has been defined as:
"Cultural heritage, including the remains of the past which indicates the movement of people in history and with the recognition of his identity and the cultural movement is possible and thus is provides instructive grounds for humans."
In fact, the definition of cultural heritage refers to concepts of Quran, in several places are orders to human to going round the earth and inspired by the works of the ancients. In other words, the cultural heritage is material and spiritual relics left over from the past that is implies cultural identity to the human society and it is significant because it is useful for the understanding of the past. And the study of communities, peoples and nations, as well as recognition of the work and the process of formation and development is considered a valuable document. The cultural background does not inherit from the all of past and only things called cultural heritage, culture and cultural factors are effective in their structure. This heritage includes cultural heritage, social, national, ethnic, family, etc.