Gabbeh Carpet Weaving

Gabbeh carpets like the carpet are hand woven and knotted, which dates back to before the carpet industry because of the social needs of societies, it allowed the rapid transfer of intellectual and specially weaving in mind.

This hand woven carpet is smaller and has less density from other carpets and is produced on a frame on the ground and the dimensions are approximately 200 x 100 and 200 x 120 cm. Gabbeh weaving tools are the same as carpet weaving tools. The rugs are mostly made of good quality wool using the Turkish knot more to weave them. The following designs are famous for the Gabbeh's carpets in the County of Southern Khorasan: Kaji, Goldani, Sajjadehie, Gol-Morghi, Gol-Abri, Gol Keshmiri, Fathhollah Khani, Gol-Ayeneh, Zoozani, Pa-deraz, Madad Khani, Gol Kashan and designs of animals like the Leopard, Peacock, and Camel. On the sidelines of the common designs can also be made to change to “Chehel Morgh" and "Ya Ali" as seen. Scale production of hand-weaving in the city and villages of Zerkoh and its subsidiaries, include Haji Abad, Abiz, Fandokht, Esfad, Bahman Abad and Estand, but in the other townships following Gabbeh Carpets are woven: - Sarbisheh, Khoosf, the tourist village of Khor, Nehbandan, Ghaenat epecially the town of Esfaden and the villages of Korghond, Tighab and Garmab, and Sarayan especially Seh Ghaleh.

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