This art is to produce lines and motifs for the decoration of metal objects such as vases, Sugar bowls, cups, basic glass, and trays of copper, gold, silver, brass and steel using fonts with different tips and deft blows with a hammer, named scrimshaw.

The art of fashion steel pens which dry very diversely and have their own names. Like a shadow pen, dust and sharp one (Tiz-bor), as well as bitumen, coal dust and black gloss oil and the transmission of such material for the art of scrimshaw which is engraved done on the container.
This in addition to the rest of the country on containers the scrimshaw uses more ornamental motifs of flowers and tiny four feathers, artists with regular geometric division of labor, such as repetitive motifs and geometric precision within these spaces. Traditionally, mainly copper trays with handles or palm designs, a very simple and basic Shah Abbasi flowers.
Popular designs of birds, including pelicans from the Peaks of Tabass, and parrots and drawings of animals such as deer and moose, birds and flowery shrubs and leaves but now the delicate and valuable miniatures are to be found. File techniques or photographic methods are exclusively from the City of Tabass, and engraved features on plates are distinctive of Iran.
Only in the Southern Khorasan region in the distant past scrimshaws engraved on copper plates were often used and now is still going on in Tabass. Engraved metal has been in this area due to old objects that are at least three hundred years from past history. Now a handful of copper engravings workshops in other cities of the county are expanding and consist of, Ferdows and Birjand with practices in Jondehkari and lattice work with a high production.

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