Traditional Copper Hammering (Davatgari)

The manufacture of containers, tools, and consumer appliances such as, trays, pots and pans of different sizes, bowls, plates, jugs and cups, ewers and basins are hammered from copper sheets ingot are called Copper Hammering “Davatgari”.

The art industry in locally called Coppersmith “Mesgari”, and until several years ago, the prosperity of the country and county, were special, to the extent that the market as a coppersmith in most cities was dedicated to the owners of the art industry. In addition to the changing attitudes of copper utensils and containers made of other materials, for various reasons, including the cost of raw materials such as copper sheet and the limited market recession and there was a sharp drop over the last few years. The Coppersmith art is exhausting with the going through of several steps which include, cutting the sheets of copper, hammering, soldering connections (tongue and groove), firing and whitewashing. Major tools and raw materials for the coppersmith include copper sheets in various thicknesses, types of hammers, pliers, anvil with a variety of different forms, tanoukar powder, scissors, and timber, tin, net of whitener to whiten the dinnerware on an open grill.
For much of the industry there is a special person for whitening the copper, but in most towns and villages, this work is done by the coppersmith. Now Coppersmiths in the County of Southern Khorasan in Tabass and Boshrouyeh have little work and production.

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