(Traditional Woodturning (Kharat

This art form is wood joinery which normally is found in areas of the country where there is commonly more wood to be found. Woodturning is a way of producing wooden products made by the use of various tools and mainly by traditional or electric lathe machines, where a wooden cylinder is rotated around and the time taken by the carver (Moghar) adds to the form of the wood desired.

The main wood used in woodturning, includes, walnut, elm, alder, ash, willow, sycamore, white wood, pear, jujube and caikom, cinerias. Southern Khorasan with the abundance of walnut, jujube and willow, woodturning of wood from these trees is more regional.
The products made by traditional wood turners can be basic types of furniture, bedding, chairs, rolling pins, wheels and spindles, and the body of the hookah smoking pipe, etc.
The instruments used in the art of wood turning are, Moghar, cavern, chisel, (Parema) types of drills and Parema handle, clamp, rubber and wood subwoofer, good steady hands, pencil, ruler and meters. This job in most of the townships of the county is current, such as Birjand, Sarayan, Boshruyeh and Ferdows.

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