Mat weaving) Hasir Baffi)

Mat weaving is one of the oldest crafts and perhaps the oldest. Applying to the manufacture of products referred the use of palm leaves for mat weaving (Matting, Bouriya Baffi).

The tools used are a number of simple tools for basic mat weaving, includes, a sickle, knife, file (sohan), awl and needle. These tools are suitable for cutting leaves of palm trees and used to prepare the raw materials of the trees and sometimes with assistantance of a professional it makes the production process easier. But skills and talents of artists are in shaping the wicker products. Mat weaving in the City of Tabass and Nehbandan and especially it is a common goal in the tourist village of Dehsalam. Its products include all kinds of baskets and carrying baskets (Zanbil), hand fans, and mats in the form of circles and oval shapes, table plate mats Shilg, and animal statues such as camels for decoration. The type of mat weaving using stems of wheat in the local term is Pakhal weaving is common in this county, which is commonly used for preparing baskets. This art –industry in this section of the town of Ghaenat and some of the villages of the town of Sarayan is current.

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