Palus Weaving

Palus is thick and tough for tents made from goat’s hair, for Kheymeh, mats and like these can be used. The colour of the wool Palus come from natural colouring of goat’s hair based on the color spectrum of light cream to black.

The weaving of Palus is like simple rugs and often without or with very simple geometric designs, and is colour limited, generally two or three colours, respectively within the simple hand-woven strips used. Sometimes for the woven fabric narrow strips are used, often old and used material and finally, they are hand woven with a large variety of colourful striped fabric is produced. The art of weaving the palus in local terms is called Labbafi or lavvafi art. The tools used for palus weaving like the black tent weaving (Chadorbaffi) include: a horizontal frame, Shaneh, dastak and paki. In this field, in addition to the mat, all kinds of horse and donkey back packs (Khorjeen), Javal, Toubreh, Khakash (for hand transport) are produced. In the whole county and especially in the City of Nehbandan and Sarbisheh the palus are sporadically produced.

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