(Black Tent (Siyah Chador

It is said that the simple textures woven from goat’s hair, is used for ceilings and walls tents of the nomads. The main requirements for weaving a tent is goat’s hair and that color must be crow black, Sur and blond.

All clean and spinning processes are undertaken by the native men and women. The main products of this field are the panels of the tent, for the preparation of various sizes of the nomadic tent, which some of them are connected together. These panels are approximately eight to ten meters in length and have a width of one meter when woven and they are simple and completely black. Some people make a distinction between their own tents within the weaving of tissue the panels with white cotton thread to create simple designs. The tools used in weaving these tents are so very simple and consist of a horizontal frame, shaneh, dastak and paki's. Now the tent fabric is woven by residents of villages like Seydal and Mighan in the township of Nehbandan, and nomadic tribes of the Sarbisheh Township in Ghaen and Saravan make a living by this.

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