Carpet Weaving (Gelim Baffi)

This is a carpet without nap which has warp and weft. The warp is from wool and the weft is from cotton. The rug designs with the insertion of coloured wefts occur between the warps.

These patterns are often inspired by nature and geometrical abstract and are woven from geographical conditions around the artist. Different types of Gelim are Simple Gelim (with two crowds); Soumak (a crowd) and acupuncture, etc. are known. Raw material mainly used in carpet weaving is wool and cotton yarn, usually using cotton for the warp and wool for the weft for woven the carpet. Sometimes it is not clear goat’s wool is used for yarn to make rugs. The most important tools used in carpet weaving can be significant, Dar (horizontal or vertical), scissors, comb, knife (Paki) and cattle (Kouji). Process piping, rug weaving and warp are like carpets. Two ways to weave and twist are simple (varni). In plain weaving, woof was placed under the form and creates function, but in the context of a needle woven which is more common in Southern Ghaenat Nehbandan and merging with a twist of the fibers of the year. This type of fabric is woven to produce smaller and is more delicate is used as Hamian, Toubreh, flour cloth (Sofreh) and saltshaker.
Carpet Weaving is current in all the townships of the County of Southern Khorasan and some continue to weave but not very many.

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