Barak Weaving) Barak Baffi)

The weaving of traditional cloth which is made from different raw materials like Cotton, Worsted Thread, Silk, and Soft Wool and with 2 Verdi and 4 Verdi traditional machines are very limited in the Southern Khorasan area.

Many years ago weaving towels with the local name of Too-Baffi or Toon-Baffi and the weaving of the Barak which called Korki-Baffi or Kurgi-Baff are known to be one of the oldest industries in the south of Great Khorasan and dates back to the Saljoghiyeh era.
The Barak has a special fineness and firmness which the locals call Korki, Kurgi and Kurgin. A cloth with warp, weft and thickness, which is made from goat and camel’s wool and clothes are made by them for the winter. The Barak and the other industries are specially woven in Sarbisheh especially in the Mood, Khoosf and Boshrooye areas. The Record Number in the National Intellectual Heritage is 810.

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