There is a valley near the Kharv village in the city of Tabass which the small and large springs are running and called Kal-Sardar.

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The Tourist Village of Azmighan

The village of rural tourism is at 48 km North East of the City of Tabass, is located on the road of Tabass- Mashhad.

The Seh Ghaleh desert is located at a distance 30 km south of the Seh Ghaleh Sarayan.

Mozaffari Desert of Ferdows is located within 40 km North West of Ferdows and is located at the edge of Polvnd village. There are sand dunes shaped like a Cheetahs tail, are specific features of the area.

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Hemmat Abad Desert

Hemmatabad desert (also known as Rig-e Ahangaran and Petregan) is located in geographical area specified by the longitude of 600 34 E and the latitude of 33o 35 N to 33o 17 N in Southern Khorasan Province near the border with Afghanistan and Petregan playa. The name of the sabulous is based on Hemmatabad village in the south.

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The Chelleh Night Ceremony

The first night of winter was called Chelleh or Yalda night and the people of ancient times honored this evening and celebrate with family members and relatives gather together at the elder person’s home and they are happy when celebrating.

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The Sang Zani in the Ghohestan area in the County of Southern Khorasan is one of the mourning ceremonies in the month of Moharram. The Sang is 2 pieces of 8cm cylindrical wood which are joined together with cotton thread and are held on the back of the hand. The wood comes from the Jujube and Walnut trees.

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The Skill of Weaving the Barak in Mood

(The Record Number in the National Intellectual Heritage - 810)
The weaving the traditional cloth which are made from different raw materials (Cotton, Worsted Thread, Silk, and Soft Wool) and with 2Verdi and 4 Verdi traditional machines which are very limited in the South Khorasan area.

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The Skill of Making the Hawk Bell in Sarayan

(Record Number in the National Intellectual Heritage- 812)
One of the products of a Forge is making the hawk bell which is a custom and they consist of different bells for Shepherds and Animal keepers in various sizes which is in one or sometimes two bells, and are used on local animal’s necks, and for shepherd dogs.

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